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Being Me

I recently turned 19. Yayyy!!! Finally!   An animated flashback through the past 19 years with significant focus on the past 4 made me realize I haven’t done much per say. Sitting in a corner; hiding my nose in book- hard copy and mobile, I’ve being living in a shell. Although my comfortable corners have opened me to the world seven seas and beyond it’s all virtually. I’ve never wandered alone yet (daily train commutes don’t count) or had a nightout or sleepover with my friends. Last year of my teens and 75% of my ‘ To Do before 20’ list is incomplete. Does that make a  “houseworm/introvert/whatever you call them” or does this make me-ME?

I realized  I wouldn’t change even a single second of all these years. Not the sickness, nor my school days and neither the days of crushes and rains. Because these seconds have made  me. They have moulded me in this strong headed, stubborn, emotional, dramatic ,sentimental me. And I love every single fibre of my being. Knowing the 100 different shades or plum and beige is not who I’m  and  will never be.  I’m this wattpad addicted, crazy person and I hope that’s how it is always, with me BEING ME!


beautywithin · being strong · Depression · happiness · strength · Uncategorized

Being Strong!

Nobody can stay strong for long.  It’s just not easy to smile through your tears. It’s not easy to pretend everything is unicorn and rainbows when you’re broken inside. Every second you’re afraid that the fake mask that you wear might fall off. That maybe you won’t be successful in holding back those tears for too long.
 But remember… YOU’RE STRONG… VERY STRONG. And letting your tears flow won’t make you weak. It will only make you more stronger.  Letting that dam loose; when you finally let go of the past; of the anguish ; of that fear… You will rise again. Like a Phoenix from the ashes of your destruction. And you shall fly higher than before. Above them all. In the sky full of twinkling stars. And shine like a wonder. 

For being strong isn’t just smiling through your tears, it’s letting go of the past  and shining brightly in the future.


 Being BeautiFools!

The biggest misconception
Beauty= Fairness.

Everyone read fairy tales when Kids.
“She was the most beautiful princess ever. Fairest of them all. Every other Girl envied her beauty”
“A tall dark and handsome Knight in His Shinning armour saved the princess and they lived happily ever after.”

So now let’s think about this. What exactly does beautiful mean???
The Oxford dictionary says ‘beautiful means something which pleases the senses or mind aesthetically’.

So does this mean that only the one’s who are fair please our minds?

Beauty and fairness have been associated with each other for soo long that Billion dollar empires are built solely on this one perception.

Lets just say that those 5 years in university have gone down the drain because using a specific fairness cream gives you a good job, own house and helps you get settled in just 3 years. Wow!!!!!
And here we worked our asses through High school and University for this 😦

No matter how I look my partner should be a Ms. World or Mr. Universe.
So does this mean that the remaining population isn’t pretty or handsome???

‘Handsome is as handsome does’.
What if you have the most beautiful face but a dark black soul. Is it worth it???

Every girl looks like an angel descended from above when Dressed as a bride. In his wedding tux the groom is only the most handsome man alive.

Beauty isn’t about a flawless fair face and perfectly tanned Body. It’s not about pinpoint Straight hair and long legs. Beauty is all about you. About the person you are. It’s about how beautiful your soul is.
A perfectly trimmed beard or clean shaven face don’t determine how handsome you looks. It’s all about attitude. It’s about the Man you are.

Not every person can win Miss Universe and be Mr. World . But you are no less.
Peep into a Person’s heart; that
Pure soul you see… Yes that is Real Beauty!